Gabrielle Conde

I found SUF Fitness through my highschool friend and let me just say it was probably the best decision of my life. Prior to working with Ryan, I had countless bad experiences with coaches who had me restrict my nutrition to the point of starving my body which only set me up for failure and late night binging.

When I reached out to Ryan I felt defeated, apprehensive and was so uneducated about the tools your body really needs for success. It definitely was not easy and Ryan taught me that there are no shortcuts and he would give me the tools but I had to do the work. What I loved most about working with him is the “real factor”, nothing was ever sugar coated, he always and still does keep it real with me and gives me straight forward coaching. When I slipped up he helped me not dwell on what cant be “undone” and got me right back on track.

I came to Ryan with a goal weight and appearance in mind for my wedding day- Ryan not only got me BELOW my goal weight but he got me into the best physical shape I’ve ever been in my life. I received endless compliments for my wedding day and I truly felt the most confident I have ever felt.
I can't say enough amazing things about working with SUF Fitness and I can’t wait to continue working with Ryan and push my body to reach new goals.

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Shauna's Macro Mayhem

“The recipes are incredible!
They are quick and easy with the macros broken down”