Let’s be honest, there are many multivitamins out there, but few are properly designed for Athletes. Frankly speaking, athletes have more nutritional needs than the average individual. So I was excited when Nutra Bio launched their multivitamin-mineral, Multi-Sport for Women, this year. In the past, multivitamins left me feeling nauseous, sick and did not have vitamins or minerals at the levels I needed. Believe me, I have tried many brands. Year-round I used to take a multivitamin, antioxidants, vitamin D, Biotin, vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium separately to help support proper balance and get nutritional support. Never the less, after my last blood analysis my iodine, boron, vitamin D, and zinc levels were very low. I did not realize my multivitamin did not have boron or iodine.

When comparing Multi-Sport for Women against my previous multivitamin, it has the appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals I need to help support proper hormone and mineral balance. Multi-Sport for Women does not make me feel nauseous. As competition prep time approaches, it will be even more critical to take Multi-Sport for Women since I will be on a calorie-restricted diet and nutritional deficiencies could impact my ability to burn fat, gain muscle, to recover from my workouts, and have enough energy to get through the day. I totally love Multi-Sport for Women.

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