About SUF

Sci-Unison Fitness was created to help people reach any and all of their health and fitness goals regardless of physical location through online personal training. The name was coined based on a firm belief in “using SCIENCE to make all elements of FITNESS work in UNISON”. Weight training, proper nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, and safe supplementation are a few of the many critical elements that require balance, monitoring and adjusting in order to yield a successful fitness program.

Services can easily be provided to locals as well as people all across the globe. If its progress and results that you seek, Sci-Unison Fitness will deliver. Learn to INVEST IN YOURSELF. The services provided range from in-gym personal training or personalized online training and nutrition programs geared for the individual; all the way up to corporate wellness programs designed for small to mid sized companies.

If you are serious and are willing to provide the effort.

Then Sci-Unison Fitness wants you.

If you are looking for a journey that will positively affect your life and health.

You want Sci-Unison Fitness.

If you are looking for short cuts

You have definitely come to the wrong place.